My favorite country in the world








Italy is my favorite country because Italy is beautiful and it’s have a rich culture. Italy is located in Mediterranean sea and share land borders with France, Switzerland, Austria and Vatican city.

Italy have some mouth watering food like Pizza, Pasta, Wine and cheese. Italy also produce high quality tomato and potato that are exported around the world From America to Asia. Italy produces the best cheese and wine.

Italy have some extraordinary views that will make you stare at it for hours. Also It have many tourist attraction like Collesium and the piza tower that are 45 degree.

Italy use euro as it currency and its the 2nd largest currency in the world. It national languange is Italian and its national song is Canto degli italiani. that is created in the 1754.

Whats make Italy a great country is the people and culture. The people of Italy is very nice and like to help tourist around them and they have a good maner that is good for people like them.


Facts about JPS(John paul school)


This the back of my school Its called John paul school. On the left side of the picture you can the first building the colour of the building is white and it have 14 windows on it. The first building is used for Pg and Kg students,also it have playground near it so the Pg and Kg students can play there.

In the middle of the picture you can see the 2nd building that is the place where you can find The Administrator,Dance room,IT Room,library,Chapel and many more.

On the bottom of the picture you can see the football field where many students practice their football skill and play with others. It can also be used to play other sport like Javelin and Long jump. On the outer edge of the field there is jogging track that is about 500 to 650 meters.

Near the 2nd building there is Gazebo and swimming pool. The Gazebo is the place where student ussualy eat and play together. The Swimming pool is used to Improve our swimming skill. Many of us hate swimming but I love swimming a lot,so when the lesson is swimming I can get a good.

Near the 3rd building there is Gym. The gym is used for many events like classmeet and scouting,also the gym is used for PE lesson when the other gym is broken or not available.

That is all I can describe about the back of my school and More facility should be add to the back of the school.


Journey to Kampung Gajah

On April 27, 2017 Students John paul school did Field trip to Kampung Gajah, Lembang. We get there using a bus called Rosstrans. JPS (John paul school) journey takes about 4-5 hours. Inside Bus lots of commotion but fun. In there are people who play game, sleep, Play Truth or dare and listen to the song. On Bus 1 there’s Miss Jenni and Mr. peter.

Arriving in Kampung Gajah the weather is already cloudy. Once we get the entrance ticket, we go straight to Mini zoo. There we see various types of animals such as: Otter, Peacock, Rabbit, Marmut and monkey. After 1 at Mini zoo we get our lunch, that is: Rice, Chicken, Tofu, Tempe, Lalapan, Crackers, Aqua and Chilli.


After lunch we are released to play anything until 4 or 5 pm. I Vanness and David go to play Go-Kart first because it’s the closest. After that we go play Bumper boat, that we are on a small boat and we only have to circle the pool 2 times with a very strange Motorcycle and hard to control. About 3 o’clock me and David go to the waterboom to swim. We play Tornado and Wave pool. In the Wave pool we try not to fall off the buoy and try to tip the deep pool. Many people are falling and injured like Sherlie and Jco. Around 4 o’clock we were told to take a shower and get ready to go home.

Around 5 o’clock we start to go to JPS. The conditions of the road are very jammed and we arrive at JPS at 11:45.


Perjalanan ke Kampung Gajah

Pada tanggal 27 April 2017 Siswa/Siswi John paul school melakukan Field trip ke Kampung Gajah, Lembang. Kita kesana menggunakan Bis yang bernama Rosstrans. Perjalanan Dari JPS(John paul school) memakan waktu sekitar 4-5 jam. Di dalam Bis banyak keributan tetapi menyenangkan. Di dalam ada yang main game, tidur, Main Truth or dare dan mendengarkan lagu. Di Bis 1 ada Miss Jenni dan Mr peter.

Sesampainya di Kampung Gajah cuaca sudah mulai mendung. Setelah kita dapat tiket masuk, kita langsung pergi ke Mini zoo. Disana kita melihat berbagai jenis hewan seperti:Otter,Burung Merak,Kelinci,Marmut dan monyet. Setelah 1 di Mini zoo kita mendapatkan makan siang kita, yaitu:Nasi,ayam,tahu,tempe,lalapan,kerupuk,Aqua dan Sambel.271275.jpg

Setelah makan siang kita dibebaskan untuk main apa saja sampai jam 4 atau 5 sore. Saya,Vanness dan David pergi untuk bermain Go-Kart dulu karena itu yang paling dekat. Setelah itu kita pergi bermain Bumper boat,yaitu kita di kapal kecil dan kita cuma harus memutari kolam itu 2 kali dengan Motor yang sangat aneh dan susah dikendalikan.Sekitar jam 3 saya dan David pergi ke waterboom untuk berenang. Kita bermain Tornado dan Wave pool. Di Wave pool kita mencoba untuk tidak jatuh dari pelampung dan mencoba ke ujung kolam yang dalam. Banyak orang yang jatuh dan terluka seperti Sherlie dan Jco. Sekitar jam 4 kita disuruh mandi dan bersiap siap untuk pulang.

Sekitar jam 5 kita mulai berangkat ke JPS. Kondisi jalan sangat macet dan kita sampai di JPS jam 11.45.

Game review:Unturned


Unturned is a Survival game. This game take place in a Zombie apocalypse world. In this game you can play singleplayer or multiplayer. This game also have skin loot box and crate for you to open, ask you see this game is free to play on steam. This game have a huge community so you can download mods,Maps,and skin for your gun.

If there is any mistake pls tell me in the comment below

Game review(Team fortress 2)


Team fortress 2 is a team based FPS. This game have 9 different classes like Pyro,Engineer,Spy,Heavy,Scout,Sniper,Demoman,and Medic. This game have a lot of game mode like Payload,Capture the Flag,Attack and Defend,Capture the Point and many more. This game also allow Community maps(Fans Maps). This game is Free-To play on Steam and Rank Number 2 on the free to play game. This game is develop by Valve Corporation.


HI I’M FROM  ICT & CR pro tips in this blog im going to tell you about many things like gaming,ict,school and many more. I will posting some of CR(clash royale) pro tips and other game too and i also some ICT project.